Intramural Ref Info

Intramural Ref info contact Sean Hoffman

Clinic Ref info contact Jen Molnar 


 Any person who has Completed Grade 8 or 9 Certification to become a referee this year and are interested in Reffing Intramural Soccer games this season, please e-mail Sean Hoffmann with your name, DOB, Contact info, what certification did you complete as well as Date of completion and Location.

Also, if you have completed Grade 8 or 9 in the past and ReCertified and want to ref this year, please e-mail Sean Hoffmann as well with the same information (name, DOB, contact info, type of certification and Date of Recertification as well as Location.)
Sean Hoffmann's e-mail is and he can also be reached at 856 305-7199. In three weeks, we will have a general referee meeting with all potential intramural referees to discuss scheduling, vouchers, procedure with the vouchers and to answer any and all questions you may have