Clinic Referee Meeting 2017

There is a Referee Meeting for the upcoming fall 2017 clinic season scheduled for August 6th at 6:30pm at Whitman Swim Club.  Must be 12 years of age or older, attend with a parent or guardian, and have your social security number with you.  Any questions or for more information please contact Jen Molnar at fivemolnars

Intramural Ref Info

Intramural Ref info contact Sean Hoffman

Clinic Ref info contact Mike Makofka


 Any person who has Completed Grade 8 or 9 Certification to become a referee this year and are interested in Reffing Intramural Soccer games this season, please e-mail Sean Hoffmann with your name, DOB, Contact info, what certification did you complete as well as Date of completion and Location.

Also, if you have completed Grade 8 or 9 in the past and ReCertified and want to ref this year, please e-mail Sean Hoffmann as well with the same information (name, DOB, contact info, type of certification and Date of Recertification as well as Location.)
Sean Hoffmann's e-mail is and he can also be reached at 856 305-7199. In three weeks, we will have a general referee meeting with all potential intramural referees to discuss scheduling, vouchers, procedure with the vouchers and to answer any and all questions you may have

Referee Corner

Clinic Referees

The minimum requirements to be a Referee in our Clinic Program are: 12 years old and attend a Pre-Season meeting. Recommended additional requirements: Grade 9 certification

Intramural Referees

The minimum requirements to be a Referee in our Intramural Program are: 14 years old and a Grade 9 certification.  Recommended additional requirements: previous experience in our Clinic Program as a referee and a Grade 8 certification





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