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WT Soccer Sponsor Form

Once again, it is time to organize and administrate the 2017 Youth Soccer Program in Washington Township. With anticipation of more than 1,500 youth involved, we are in greater need of team sponsors than ever before. We are anticipating 100 plus teams this year. Your support and financial contribution plays a major role in the success of the program due to the fact that the township does not provide direct funding for the operations of the league.

The fee of $125 will help offset the cost of shirts for your team and depending on the age group, a small portion will also be used for equipment. In turn you will receive:
a. Publicity - both through the shirt being worn all year and articles in local newspapers.
b. Tax Benefit - all sponsorship's are tax a donation, thus a tax-deductible expenditure.
c. Team photo and/or certification of appreciation to display proudly in your place of business/home.
Most importantly than all of the above is the contribution you have made to the development of our youth in Washington Township.

Uniforms will be advertised as follows: Sponsor Name on back of all team shirts, above player number;
We cannot guarantee the printing of more than twenty (20) characters; We are unable to print logos and phone number; Clinic or Intramural teams only. Travel teams will not have sponsor names on their uniforms.

Checks in the amount of $125 payable to WT Soccer Association can be mailed to
WT Soccer Association
PO Box 8396
Turnersville, NJ 08012
c/o: Soccer Sponsor

Your support is needed. We thank you for it in the past and look forward to its continuance in the future.

Sponsor Form

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